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Who is the Game Market Guru?

Games Master. Professional Driver. Life coach and Mentor

A compassionate and conscientious listener who draws from a lifetime of experiences

Games Enthusiast

With more than 700 board and card games in his library, the Game Market Guru corners the market on games, as a player, story-teller, and event coordinator

In-Car Entertainer

Travelers in the entire So Cal region rave about Jonathan Albin

Learn how you can take advantage of  Kar-Karaoke and Traveler Trivia Experiences

Become a Creator!

In addition to bringing the fun to you, the Guru offers opportunities to shape the worlds he builds!

Experience The Newest Service!

In June, The Game Market Guru adds Passenger Pursuits, to his repertoire!

The Guru Answers All

From basic Rideshare curiosity to Games Enthusiast inquiries, the Game Market Guru has all the answers.