Games Master

Games Enthusiast

If a game exists, the Guru has played it.

Games are truly his passion.

 Today, he works to share that love with everyone.


The Game Market Guru has more than four decades of experience as story guide and social influencer.

Mentor and Life Coach

Living Momentously is a dedicated choice that catapults one from quiet desperation to calm resolve and a depth of happiness rarely discovered today.

Prolific Ghostwriter and Novelist

With two and a half million words in publication so far, the Game Market Guru is a storyteller without peer.

CADRE nears Beta test.

A whole new perspective on Roleplaying, the upcoming CADRE (Charactar and Director Roleplaying Experience) is a mind-blowing alternative to social gaming.

What others have said about the Game Market Guru

"A great communicator."

"If it is getting done, he's doing it."

"Whatever he's playing is more fun than anything you've ever played before!"